The english rainbow cards – with an explanatory leaflet:

Rainbow Cards
( ISBN 978-3-940974-08-2 )

The rainbow cards are spiritual accompaniers for your life. They give you food for thought, support, hope, comfort, confirmation and love, and support you in the search for your true self. Each card that you draw corresponds to your current theme, your mood and/or your inner needs.

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The pack of cards consists of
231 cards divided into the colour categories red, orange, yellow, green, blue, indigo and violet with respectively 33 affirmations. They are available in three languages, German (D), English (GB) and French (F).

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The english rainbow cards – with an explanatory leaflet – are available in attractive cardboard boxes, at the moment in the following version: the silver shimmering holographic patterns "Flake".

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Flake silver (GB) black

Es ist eine große Freude für mich, wenn Sie die Regenbogenkarten weitergeben. Mir liegt es sehr am Herzen, dass diese großartigen Lebensbegleiter in die Hände vieler Menschen gelangen.

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Licht und Segen
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Doris Wenzel



Affirmations are postive sets of beliefs which contain deep wisdom. They are sentences which remind us of who we are, that we are divine, perfect and beautiful beings. We are all of this already but often we are not conscious of it.

The beliefs which are often unconsciously stored in our minds often take us in negative directions, i.e.“I can´t do it“, or “I m not good enough,“ or “I m not entitled to that“ etc.

In order to connect with our true nature, with love, richness and light and to remember it, we read and work with affirmations that give us a positive direction, i.e. “I can do it“, “I am good enough“.

There are various ways to really imprint these on our minds so that the old negative programming does not determine our behaviour and our attitude to life:

• we read them several times a day,
• we say them to ourselves loudly in front of the mirror,
• we say them quietly to ourselves,
• we write them on a big sheet of paper,
• we hang them up in our apartment,
• we carry them with us on cards or small pieces of paper.

In order to reinforce the work with the affirmations it is necessary and helpful to make ourselves very conscious of negative programming, to honour it as a part of our past survival strategy and then to make a clear decision for a reorientating and restructuring in our lives.



Rainbow cards (Chinese/English)


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