What customers say about the cards

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"An enrichment, brightening up every day"
Ute Leuze, Reutlingen

"The cards are truly first-class. I drew one during a seminar and it fitted perfectly as usual!"
M. Ott, Titisee-Neustadt

"I can inform you that the cards created great interest among the course participants. The themes of the individual people usually coincided with the cards drawn and if they didn’t the daily saying usually concerned the following day."
M. Hold-Holler, Baar, (CH)

"There are so many card sets but the Rainbow cards are something very special for me. I am a great fan."
I. L., Augsburg

"In a playful way the colours and wise sayings have a calming influence, being supportive, constructive and bringing a positive atmosphere into the circle. Through inspiring thoughts the group is quick to come into the Here and Now and thus a positive team spirit is promoted. These Rainbow Cards are very suitable for use during regional conferences and to motivate co-workers. I can recommend them."
Irene Zeidler, Freiburg

"The Rainbow Cards immediately fascinated me with their beautiful packaging. Normally I am not interested in card sets. However I tested them according to my method and the results were very exact. That finally convinced me."
Stephan Kordick, Feng-Shui-Berater, Neutraubling

"Affirmations enrich our life and give us clues to answering arising questions."
Maria Keller, Stuttgart

"In my seminars for food separation and healthy diets the Rainbow Cards have already become a strong tradition. The participants always take a card with them for the coming week that they bring back to the next meeting. I couldn‘t forget them if I wanted to because everyone is waiting for their new words for the week. We are all very impressed by them."
Elisabeth Michalke, Bochum

"I just want to say thank you for these very wonderful Rainbow Cards!!! I live in Landsberg and dropped off in the Herb Shop where I found and bought them. They give me joy every day. I like their presentation very much and the way they are formulated is very appealing too. The whole idea is extremely well-done!"
Stephanie Gebauer, Landsberg

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